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 Home Birth Associates provides high quality, comprehensive, individualized care to pregnant women and their families.  Home Birth Associates provides prenatal care, delivery services, postpartum care, childbirth classes, infant massage instruction and prenatal and postpartum massage for mothers.
There is nothing more special than your pregnancy and birth experience.  Selection of your care provider will be an important part of experiencing your best birth.  Midwives are the guardians of normal birth.  We believe in the body's intuitive wisdom to conceive, create and birth a baby. Your baby can be born safely in the comfort of your own home or A Birth Center.
 There are no drugs known safe in pregnancy so we believe that natural birth provides the safest birth experience for mother and baby.  We know that not everyone can experience natural birth, but out-of-hospital birth gives each mommy and baby the best opportunity for a drug free, vaginal delivery.  During pregnancy, each mother visits an obstetrician so that, if complications develop, she transfers to that obstetrician for consultation or delivery. 
We believe that women and families have a right to choose their care provider and site of birth.
We believe in a wellness approach to pregnancy and birth, eating well, exercising and being spiritually centered.
We believe that mothers know what is best for themselves and their babies. 
We believe that the safest birth, is a natural birth.
We believe that mothers and babies should not be separated at birth.
We believe that breastmilk is the best infant food.
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